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Is this really happening?

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  • Is this really happening?

    Wasn't a major player back in the day, but I did enjoy reading all the different builds people where doing. Also picked up a free stereo set up from someone up in Salem(wasn't James.) It definitely made my poor college days a blast, thanks again!

    Hope to see that all again! Also I went by adema2626 back then.

    I still own the trash pile brat and it's still the exact same, Haha.

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    Welcome back!


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      dont see many of those anymore, looks like your putting it to use!


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        Awww, I'm glad you're back Beretta, I always enjoyed your build!

        They're far and few between, someday I'll make it semi nice, till then I'm having fun with it.
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          ​​​​​​Old Subarus seem to do surprisingly well offroad for what they are. Definitely a blast to beat on tho. Its getting hard to find parts for my GL, gotta be a challenge for that thing. No idea when I last saw one on the road


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