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  • Exhaust tuning

    Ive been doing tons of research on this the past few weeks, thought this was a good article to share. The whole "termination box" is pretty interesting..

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    Nice thank you for that link. Hooker used to have a flow chart and how to build your own headers but I don't see it on their site anymore. It was cool because it showed you how to scavenge exhaust for better flow and a little more power.


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      Yeah its really interesting. I wish more companies did stuff like that! The whole anti-reversion tube thing is pretty interesting too but kinda seems like a black art nobody REALLY knows, even the guys doing it with success. Even with the pipemax program I have, I cant believe how much a minor change in a cam chances the primary length so much. I thought I knew more than I did. Almost like a 2 stroke, but probably not as big of a gain.


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        Only picture I could find of the headers I made for the formula vee. It fit very nicely around the transmission and all tubes were a quarter inch length of each other. The only thing I should have done differently is switch two of the tubes to help scavenge a little more power. It sure sounded cool having equal length headers on it.


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          Nice! Not bad at all. Im about to start doing the exhaust on the geo again, this header will have 40" primary tubes lol, and go to 2". Seems so wrong on a 50hp engine... Thats what pipe max is telling me to do tho.

          is it better to have identical bends on the primaries, and an inch or 2 of being equal.. Or have one with an extra 45* and all equal..


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            Not sure. My ocd has to have everything equal, but I do remember reading somewhere that on longer headers they should be 3/4 of an inch of each other or better but that was a long time ago and could be wrong.