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What did you do to your car today?

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  • What did you do to your car today?

    Saw this on another forum quite awhile ago, thought I would start a thread like it here.

    So what did you do to your car today?

    ​I ended up rejetting my weber in the 86 Subaru GL. Came with 140 main jet, 140 secondary, 150 accelerator pump jet. Been running it like that for quite a few years. Has a modified intake manifold and a little exhaust work. Got the wideband hooked up and it was reading around 12.5:1 at idle, 13/14s at cruise. In the 18s when you stab the throttle and past 4500rpm it was in the mid 13/14 range. Ended up going with a 160 accelerator pump jet, and 160 secondary jet. Afr is good all around, still a little rich at idle but thats ok, dont care enough to adjust the screw. Holds mid 12s all the way through 6500rpm now. I was kinda surprised how many jet sizes it went up.

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    Not today but yesterday disposed of a rusted out old parts Blazer.


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        Not today.. but a few days ago.. I put a bigger cam in my geo :-p I think its kinda cool lol. Obviously still slow, but night and day difference!

        nothing extreme.. Just hated the eco grind I had in it forever. It was smaller than factory.. this was a huge improvement, for a geo lol. Moved the power to where I drive in.

        My eco cam was 184 duration @ .050 and .305 lift. Unknown lsa.

        stock was 198/198 duration @ .050 .330/.330 lift 110lsa

        new grind is 205/205 duration @ .050 and .342/.342 lift with a 110 lsa. Advertized duration is 270/265

        kinda wanna go bigger.. Im thinking about it.. bumping the RPM range up another 500rpm would be perfect, but it might take me out of my low speed rpm range..


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          Did this a couple weeks ago. Couldn't be happier with the way the wheels and carbon fiber changed the looks of my car.


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            carbon fiber makes everything better!


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              This is what I did today. Added a few stickers.. I mean Hp.


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                Put a new engine in my geo today, well sorta new (500 miles). Rebuilt it 9 years ago, Paralled block, balanced, bored .030. Nothing too fancy.. Long story short it smoked terrible every 30 min, figured I broke a ring installing the pistons so I bought a reman engine and walked away. Geo was needing another rebuild so I tore that engine down.. Everything was just fine aside from needing to be cleaned up, and it needed a head because Geos go thorough valve seals and exhaust valves.. Come to find out some of the oil drain holes on the head gaskets were too small and caused that issue... So I think thats whay my issue was.. So I cleaned the bottom end up, new gaskets and seals, had the head redone with a 3 angle valve job and stiffer springs from an aveo. kept my current cam but do have another grind with 106LSA if crower ever sends it back..

                get it all back together and installed today. Fire it up, let it idle for a bit.. Oil psi is getting low.. And lower.. And lower.. Probably around 3psi at 800rpm.. 10psi at 2000rpm.. This was a new ac delco oil pump from 9 years ago, same bearings too as they were already measured out and still new. Next thing I know Its got an oil leak! Front main seal (I think). The front main seal is also on the oil pump. So hoping thats my issue even tho I kinda doubt it. Worst case Ill swap oil pumps and see what happens I guess.

                That was my fun today.


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                  Nice another one back on the road.


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                    And today I replaced my new bad front main seal with an old new one from the build 9 years ago lol. Also found another oil leak.. And also my new radiator is cracked. But my oil pressure is back.

                    So today I also get to fix this leak.. The tig welder will pay for its self today. Cracked block.. Because 2020?