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1989 S10 Blazer

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  • 1989 S10 Blazer

    So here is my Blazer. I bought it with the plans to throw a LT4 and six speed in it but keep it reliable and as a daily driver. Since then many years later and a few engines later I was convinced she was cursed so she sat in the driveway where the towtruck left her for about a year. I bought a TBSS during this year as my daily and couldn't be happier, but looking at my Blazer sitting there sad dirty and lonely I tried to sell her. I had someone very interested and at a very good price but realized I love my Blazer a little to much to let her go, so decided to just go all out. I want to learn major fabrication and plan someday to do it for a living and the Blazer seemed like a good start.

    The day I bought her

    The last time I built it and swapped to a LT4 with a six speed.

    After blowing up a couple S10 rear ends decided to put a Ford 8.8 rear end in.

    And the day before the last engine decided to give for no reason.
    I had just put my big front brakes on also.

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    After I decided not to sell the Blazer got it right in the shop and started on it.
    Cut and trimmed the floor for a four inch body drop to bring the center of gravity down.

    Took the hump out of the frame for more head clearance. Gained 2 1/2 inches from doing this.

    Then started on my cage

    But then had a major plan change and had some Z06 parts fall in my lap.


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      That is when the Blazer turned into a huge project!
      I cut the rest of the S10 frame out and decided to build my own frame.

      Love how low the engine sits.

      And decided since I am building a frame I should start learning how to bend tube also, so bought a Rogue Fab tube bender.

      And if I am going to start bending tube decided to buy a program to help me design cages and more.

      Here is a little body work teaser.
      Six inches wider to keep the stock Z06 width

      And an artist rendering of what it is going to look like.


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        Got out in the shop this weekend! My main hoop and front down bars are done finally.It took a lot of learning to get the front down bars how I wanted them but they are all tacked in.

        Had to put a 25 degree twist in the down bar to fit the windshield pillar and roof how I wanted it.


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          hows this thing comming?


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            It's going slowly. Between the house and work I don't have much extra time to work on it.


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              Ah. I know exactly how that is! Only gives you more time to think about more ideas


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                Since all the shut downs and in between jobs I have had plenty of time to work on the house, yard, and Blazer. Almost done with the cage finally! It was a lot of learning but think it is turning out great and can't wait to get started on the bodywork!


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                  She is sitting on her own tires again finally! I was able to get my suspension bolted in yesterday and it is all within 1 mil so should take an alignment no problem. Tomorrow hoping to get the quarter panels cut out so I can get my desired ride height and start on my wide body again and was going to start today but the shop needed a good cleaning so got side tracked. I still have some cage and frame supports to finish but need a break from chassis fab and really excited to start on the bodywork.


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                    Wow! Thats some good progress! it looks good!


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                      Thank you, nice to have a visual finally.


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                        Yeah! Is that the ride height its going to have?


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                          No my goal is to have my roof about 54 inches and in the picture sitting at 56 inches. That will give me about 4 inches of ground clearance.


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                            Got a lot done yesterday and today. Fabing up the brake vents ended up being a lot more time consuming than I thought they would but they are almost done. The rear quarters are ending up being a lot more work than I originally planned because basically rebuilding the whole rear of the Blazer but it will all function as planned hopefully. Here is where I left off today. Ran out of steam...


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                              Here is where I left off today. My welder decided to burn up a drive motor this morning so need to order one asap. I was wondering why it was welding a little odd last night and this morning when it stopped welding and smoke started pouring out of it. I ran down to grab my other welder at work but found out I am starting Wednesday so decided to take the rest of today off and work on my house tomorrow instead. So excited to go back to work!