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1986 Subaru GL - Turned Gambler

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    Sounds like the luck I had in the s10. Went through three engines in a couple years.


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      Im toying with the idea of putting s10 4wd suspension under it.. Down and dirty hack job type thing. Its looking like the 4.3L manual 4wd trans will bolt to an LS.. Its a terrible idea.. But.... Is it really..

      I have about 6 months to figure it all out one way or another. Cant miss the gambler.


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        There is great aftermarket support for the s10 platform! Depending on the transmission behind the 4.3 if it is the weaker one from a donor s10 you can always run the nv3500 manual also from the trucks and they are way stronger.


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          Yeah! It seems like it would solve a lot of issues, and probably cause more lol. If I stumbled on the right cheapo donor I may do it.. I forsee a rebuilt ea82 on 7psi having the same issues, maybe bigger exhaust and a cams with more overlap would bleed a pound of boost or 2.. I want 7psi tho..

          i thought all the s10 with the 4.3. Manual had the nv3500?


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            No some had a weaker 5 speed. Good thing is there are plenty of 4x4 s10's for sale cheap here and fairly rust free. Or you could go all out and swap the 4x4 transfer case and put in the awd bravada transfer case which is the same one used in the typhoons also.


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              Oh. I didnt know that.. I thought they were all the same! Ill have to look into it..

              I didnt know they used the same transfer case as the typhoon.. Makes sene tho with gm. Id rather have the rwd/4wd tho, slide around until ya get stuck and use 4wd to get out. I really hate the fwd/4wd the subaru has