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4x6 HID projector headlight retrofit

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  • 4x6 HID projector headlight retrofit

    I finally broke down (again) and bought some new projectors. I did my first set in 2012 and always had a sticky shutter for the brights/dims, even after replacing them.. just a design flaw in the Morimoto projectors I had.. Ive had a few different sets of projectors in my hands but none of them would fit the 4x6 housing so I just moved on in life and used my dims..

    The new projectors I ended up going with were sadly another set of Morimoto. Nothing factory would really fit that I had found. These are the mini D2s 5.0, Supposed to be the best out there now. These were also mostly sealed on back, unlike most factory projectors.

    I like to see at night.. and this is the correct way to run HIDs

    I just used a cheapo ebay 4x6 housing

    I ended up using a roll of masking take to trace out the size I needed to start with, cut most off with a band saw and used a few different die grinders and sanding disks to make the rest happen. just ground out a little at a time. Its dusty.. the dust sticks to everything..

    Kept going until the projector almost touched the glass lense

    put them in the over for awhile to soften the glue at 200*, still had to take a razor to them. I did chip a few edges on the glass, but it will be covered up.

    test fit with no shroud

    I didnt get a picture of this, but basically had to cut this down to fit in the housing around the projector. Just a little at a time. I drew it out and went from there.

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    I just used silicone to put the glass back on, but they do make a rubber glue for this. Silicone is easier to pull apart, after my old set I wanted that option just in case.. I didnt get any pictures of the back, I thought I did.. I just used an aluminum color silicone to seal it all up somewhat cleanly. Few spots I had to build up with multiple coats. The shroud locked the projectors in pretty good so I didnt actually mount them. For my old set I actually made brackets and bolted them down to the housing. I was going to use JB weld on this set and make a nice flange to mount them down to, but meh. Its all the same, I decided it wasnt worth the time involved even tho it would have looked a lot more professional.


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      Old projectors vs new projectors

      Dims, VERY nice cut off.


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        Dims are MUCH better than my old set. However the shutter still sticks on these........... Moral of the story.. Bench test them before you install...... has yet to get back to me about that issue.. but they generally have amazing customer service so we will see what happens.. for now its dims only.. I dont feel like blinding people when the brights stick on. I just dont want to tear them apart again lol.

        for the harness I used a morimoto setup, I started off with morimoto ballasts and bulbs back in 2012. I currently run all OEM toyota ballasts and bulbs at 4300k. Bulbs are Philips and ballasts are Denso, I will never run anything but those, MUCH better quality and longer life.