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  • Site changes

    I will be changing a lot on the forums for a while. Let me know if there is a certain function you like and want added or any other changes.
    So far I am trying to figure out sections and backgrounds. Once I have time I will be changing the background back to what it used to look like but also keep a light background option for people that like it lighter. Thank you for joining Carfreeks!

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    Captains log 001

    Updated the forums to most current version for security and bugs.
    Changed multi quote so should be working now
    The date seems to be still giving me a fit. Looking into it more...
    Any other suggestions?


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      Captains log 002

      We are now protected with Seccuri for any other attacks.
      I will be updating the forums by the end of the weekend at the latest for security reasons. I am also hoping that will fix the damn date!!!
      Working on getting the not secure off of the site also. I paid for the SSL but doesn't seem to be working so talking to Succuri about it now.
      Any other options you would like to see?


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        Captains log 003
        Cleaned up the data base
        Cleaned out the web root folder
        Seccuri did full scan and we are finally completely secure and safe. Still trying to figure out why it says Not secure though.
        Still looking into why the date is wrong.